Comic-Con International is happening after all… sort of. How one email changed our plans.

Comic-Con International (CCI) starts this Wednesday, and the last few weeks have been hitting me hard that I don’t have a coveted badge. I honestly didn’t think it would get this bad since skipping years isn’t new. 

I pushed back the disappointment by slowly scoping out when Conan O’Brien at Comic-Con (ConanCon) tickets would be available. Then I caught myself looking up flight costs periodically. I was balancing on a thin line between denial and the “it will never happen unless you try” mindset.

New CCI event information released every few days just pulled at my heartstrings. One of the biggest heartstrings – nostalgia. Nickelodeon decided to dedicate everything this CCI to their 1990s throwbacks – Double Dare, Legends of the Hidden Temple, All That, Rugrats. It’s happening, and of course it’s happening the year I don’t have a badge. But I loved you so much when I was a kid, Nick! What gives?

All the daydreaming really kicked into high gear over a week ago when I saw that the ConanCon ticket status changed from “Coming Soon” to “Open.” I secretly wanted to mad dash and put in requests for all four days, but I semi came back to reality and thought that Friday and Saturday were the most realistic days that I could go. Realistic? What am I thinking? I haven’t even decided whether to go, or how to get there, or where to sleep. But it is no time off from work, and Saturday was the cheapest flight day if that was my method of travel. I wait listed two tickets for both shows. I figured I’d be no different than I am now if I don’t get them, but …what if I do!?

ConanCon 2015 tickets & donuts.

 A couple days later I checked my email in case there was any new ticket status, and I noticed that I had received an email 20 minutes earlier to confirm tickets for the Friday ConanCon taping. I clicked on the “Confirm” button hoping that they weren’t already gone, and boom! Two confirmed tickets! 

Planning is in progress, and the (Poké) ball is rolling. I still have to pick up physical tickets in San Diego. And there’s Donut Bar, Nerdist Camp Conival, American Horror Story activation, all the cosplay, and a Fear the Walking Dead yacht. *squeal* If anyone knows of any Doctor Who off-site events, do share! Don’t know what all we are able to fit in, but who cares? We are getting as many Comic-Con vibes as we possibly can without having to step foot into the convention center. I won’t see Olmec or the Double Dare nose, but I’ll survive and represent Legends of the Hidden Temple by wearing the shirt I just ordered on Amazon for $7. Team Silver Snakes! 

Raptor whispering at the Nerdist Conival 2015
Fear the Walking Dead activation 2015

Anyone else plan a long distance trip last minute? Rage for 24 hours and then go back home? And whose making the trek to the con of all cons?

If you’re anywhere near the area, want some spontaneity in your life, and have always wanted to go, I recommend going on a whim. Clearly, you’re not alone. All the pictures in this post are from free events last year that were open to the public, and events like these are all over the downtown San Diego area. You just need patience and comfortable shoes.

Is now the time to point out that the ConanCon guests are the Game of Thrones cast, and I haven’t seen a single episode of this show?

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  1. And GoT is gearing up for its final episodes too. There’s a lot to cover, mostly fantasy geopolitics that contains more mental stimulation and spiritual fulfillment than the current election cycle.

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