Wizard World: “There’s no point being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes.”

This past weekend was Wizard World Sacramento 2016, and the Fourth Doctor’s words still ring true.

To some degree I was anticipating this year’s Wizard World more than past years because I was hoping that it would help distract me from the fact that I don’t have tickets to Comic-Con International (CCI) this year. It helped, but there’s still a hole in my heart where CCI should be. It’s irreplaceable.

Being the new Whovian that I am (started marathoning after Wizard World and CCI last year – horrible timing, right?), I decided last minute to throw together a cosplay outfit of my favorite – The Ninth Doctor. I know that it sounds like an easy way out since he’s the Doctor with the least “costume-y” outfit. He’s also the least represented of “New Who” Doctors, so I was determined to do it whether people thought I was even cosplaying or not. I was able to put the outfit together pretty easily; I only needed the ever handy sonic screwdriver (Amazon Prime shipping is the best!) and a Tardis bag. Done.

On Saturday, my friend and I mostly sat in the ballroom all day for panels. I started to feel a little discouraged after hearing the person in front of me describing Doctor Who to some younger ladies who didn’t even seem to notice that I was Nine after I jumped in the conversation. *Slumped shoulders.* However, I felt redeemed when I went to ask a lady across the aisle between panels about the Tardis/Nightmare Before Christmas print that she was holding. I complimented her beautiful Tardis dress, and then she looked at me again and said, “You’re the Ninth Doctor!” Sigh of relief!

I also got a fist bump from a volunteer that evening who heard me tell another cosplayer than Nine was the best. I’m not alone – yesss!


Clearly people know they don’t need to line up super early for Wizard World panels or these folks have never camped out in a CCI Hall H or Ballroom 20 line because my friend and I went to scope out the ballroom about an hour before the first panel, and there was maybe 25 folks ahead of us. I was surprised since the day’s lineup included actors from varying yet successful work. My friend and I were mostly there for Denis O’Hare and Evan Peters, but similar to past CCIs, we’ve sat through panels we didn’t intend to see but ended up enjoying them almost just as must as those we did.

Don’t hate me folks, but I have only seen two of the Lord Of The Rings movies and absolutely none of the Hobbit movies. Therefore, I had no clue about half of the questions Billy Boyd was asked, but he was charming, super witty in the most British way possible, and even talked about music (learned that day he is also a musician). I face palmed when he asked for local restaurant suggestions and many suggested Fox & Goose. Why would a British guy want to go to a British style restaurant/pub? He can have that in real life at home. Billy Boyd, just take my suggestion and go to Tower Cafe.

Jewel Staite I knew about the least. I know she’s had appearances in multiple tv shows over the years, including the fan favorite Firefly, but I only knew her first hand from Nickelodeon’s Space Cases. Anyone else remember this? She was the girl with the cool rainbow hair. Sigh, I miss 1990’s Nickelodeon… Still enjoyed her panel. She was funny, shared a drunk Joss Whedon story, and seemed so appreciative of all her fans.

William Shatner was up next, and although I’m not the biggest fan ever, obviously I know him as Captain Kirk (I only live under a rock sometimes) and from many of his cameos from over the years. He seems like a funny guy and is a tv icon, so I was excited to see him. Apparently he likes to do his panels as one-man shows with no moderator. He shared one of his favorite Star Trek memories – a trick that him and Leonard Nimoy played on DeForest Kelley that included stollen bagels and possible stollen memory. He also talked about his love of horses. He apparently loves this topic so much that he went off on a tangent about it for over five minutes while talking about his new friendship with Sam Heughan (lucky!).

Denis O’Hare is one of the most diverse actors I’ve seen in recent years. To me, he goes through a whole transformation on each season of American Horror Story (AHS) alone. I personally have a soft spot for his portrayal of Russell Edgington, the Vampire King of Mississippi, from True Blood since that character was my first exposure to his work. It was great to hear him talk about playing different characters on AHS, including clearly a fan favorite – Liz Taylor. This guy deserves so many Emmy awards!

Evan Peters definitely drew the biggest crowd. A huge percentage were teenage and 20-something year olds fangirling hard over the X-Men and AHS actor. I would like to think of myself as a young lady who thinks he is talented and awkwardly adorable too, but I also didn’t mumble starstruck question jibberish into the mic during the Q&A session. I adult like that. I was annoyed yet my heart went out to one fan who rambled about how great he was and asked if he remembered multiple scenes from his various works for many minutes, which I will never get back. And just when the audience thought she was done, she still had her question to ask. I kept asking myself, “Where are her friends?” None of them gave her a “solid” and got her out of that mess like good friends should do. If I ever ramble and say something ridiculous to Hanson, I fully expect a fan friend to save me from digging a bigger ditch. Don’t leave your girl hanging like that in front of their favorite celeb. Bonus adorable points that Peters’ parents were in the audience and are still so proud of him, even after talking about creating gruesome character backstories.

Sunday was fun with extra company as my sister and niece joined us for the morning. My sister was a sport and agreed to cosplay Doctor Who with me on a week’s notice. She chose the Eleventh Doctor, so we had to rush and order suspenders and a bow tie (because they’re cool) from Amazon Prime. Again, Prime is the best. For my niece we chose to dress her as a Weeping Angel. We have the coolest mom who supports these last minute adventures and sewed my niece a dress and designed wings in no time. It was well worth it since multiple people stopped us to compliment the costume. Babies get all the attention.


My friend and I were disappointed that we weren’t going 3/3 with Norman Reedus photo ops this year, but getting one with Evan Peters semi helped with us getting over it. We wanted each of our three photo ops to be different, so we were thinking of creative poses. Also, let’s be honest… Most of those young girls that I mentioned from the panel also took photos with him, and we know most of them just wanted to hug it out with photo proof. We thought that we were rather creative when we decided that we wanted him to poke our cheeks like he does while scene stealing in X-Men. He seemed a little confused, but he was a trooper and slowly & awkwardly poked our cheeks. I think we added some surprise factor which I know those hundreds of hugs weren’t doing. We’re making memories here, folks!

My friend and I are big Walking Dead fans, and we were thankful months ago that Michael Rooker would be in town since we missed an opportunity two years ago. Unfortunately, he had to cancel the appearance. We therefore didn’t want to miss any other Walking Dead appearances, so we purchased photos with Michael Cudlitz and Scott Wilson. I’m still bitter about Herschel’s death; It’s still too soon. Scott was sweet and acknowledged every fan. Michael was like a giant teddy bear. I’m thinking he saw us and thought that “these two girls want a hug.” We love hugs, but we had other plans. He seemed floored that we instead requested a headlock. He ended up giving us a half hug, half headlock so I guess we compromised. It’s a Wizard World photo favorite.

Quickly on the vendor floor – Um, where were all the booths? Seriously. I feel like half the booths were gone this year. This is probably because of the giant gaming area that was (awkwardly placed) in the middle of the vendor floor. I’m not a gamer, so personally I thought it was a nuisance, but there were lots of gamers playing in tournaments so clearly there was some kind of demand for it. It just wasn’t from me. I did luckily get my awesome Tardis bag (as mentioned above) from a vendor here. I also got the hook up on some sweet character quote prints right before the convention closed on Sunday.

Check out their Etsy shop. I didn’t see it at the convention, but I already favorited the Labyrinth print. https://www.etsy.com/shop/OutNerdMe

Speaking of Labyrinth, where was the anticipated cosplay? With David Bowie’s recent passing and the 30th anniversary upon us, I was certain that we’d see some Jareths, Sarahs… and can I dream of some Ludos? This movie is my childhood favorite, so I was on the search when I heard of one Sarah being in attendance, dressed in her white ball gown and holding a crystal ball. It didn’t take much time to find her. Now that, I was totally fangirling over.


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  1. I’m also a fairly recent Whovian, and I definitely agree with you on the Ninth Doctor. He had a lot on his shoulders to revive the series. Thumbs up on the gender-swapped Doctors cosplay and the adorable Weeping Angel! Looks like you had a lot of good photo ops at Wizard World. What was your favorite part of the show?


    1. We had much more fun than we anticipated considering some guests backed out and I assumed lower ticket sales (they were half off the last week). The photo ops are fun keepsakes but are an added cost. My friend and I love the panels though and are obviously included, so I’d say those are my favorite. For $60, I was entertained all weekend.

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