Tulsa Travels & Hanson Day 2016: Pt. 2. You get a Christmas album, and you get a Christmas album. We all get a new Christmas album! AND a world tour!

imageHanson Day includes so much planning, excitement, and reunions with fan friends from around the world. Then detox hits, and it is the w o r s t!

Let’s relive Hanson Day, shall we? I want to forget about the fact that I have to wait 300+ days until next time. This will push back my denial a bit.

The lectures this year are a bag of mixed emotions. I usually anticipate and love the lectures, but this year seemed off… not to confuse this with meaning that I didn’t enjoy them.

Isaac’s lecture “You Matter!!!” seemed to get reactions across the board; I’ve heard of many who loved and identified with it and many who didn’t care much for it. My sister really enjoyed it. I’m conflicted but more on the positive. The topic seemed far out in left field, and I was honestly confused when I read the description. I was wondering why this was a self help lecture, but at the same the Hanson community is a tight knit one and thought it was neat that he wanted to talk about something beyond the band and their music. Isaac definitely gets the award for taking the biggest leap for a lecture topic. He admitted that he wanted to cover this topic before but was unsure, and I’m glad he took the risk. You never know how something is going to turn out unless you try it. I think that’s a good message to practice.

I think that Taylor’s lecture “Unwritten” had so much potential to be thoughtful, mesmerizing, and bring out all the feelings. It was definitely going in that direction, however, the fact that he had no preparation and shortened the time to half an hour (due to the lectures starting behind schedule) hurt the potential. If only those Hansons would align their clocks with real time, a whole hour could have been a different, more powerful story for this lecture. Sorry, it just didn’t do much for me which I’m totally bummed to say.

I’m always a fan of Zac’s lectures since engaging fans and recording a song on stage hasn’t gotten old yet. At least to me anyway. After “Choo Choo Trains of Thought,” I will never think of trains and G.I. Joes in bubble bath the same way again. His random song topics, lyrics, dance moves, and jokes along the way always = good times. Delicious. Let’s be honest, we aren’t going to think of that word the same way ever again either.

State Of The Band:
I just need to get this off my chest. I know many of us joke all the time about everything running on “Hanson Time,” but I’ll admit that I was severely irritated with the delayed start time. For some reason I keep hoping things will change the following year. I know that the unexpected happens and that Hanson isn’t sitting backstage before these events shooting the breeze and not caring about our time (I know that it’s quite the opposite. They do genuinely love us fans and we’re a very fortunate fandom!), BUT it’s frustrating just sitting there when something is supposed to be happening, especially considering I’ve taken multiple days off work and paid a ton of money in travel and hotel. It was deja vu to the day before. I love these guys fiercely, but they really need someone to structure their calendaring. Then I’m excited that it’s actually starting, only to get a long Hanson Day 2015 recap video and a BTTI video… from 2015? At this point if I’m supposed to be entertained with seeing a BTTI video, I at least want to see 2016 since it’s the latest trip and one that I actually attended. Seeing my face in Jamaica would have made me feel a little better about the long wait in a Tulsa theater. Hanson, I LOVE you dearly hence the #realtalk. End rant.

On to happy times! Can we get a hallelujah that we are finally getting a Hanson Christmas next year? Happy holidays to all of us!!! A new Christmas album was one of the biggest and most anticipated announcements. My sister and I couldn’t stop smiling about it, and I think it is usually the first thing we mention when asked about State Of The Band.

Next up, the 20th Anniversary of Middle of Nowhere. Apparently Hanson Day 2017 is the place to be. Hanson says so (so it must be true). This is already evident in Fairfield Inn hotel rooms being snatched up like hot cakes. It is the official kick-off of the Hanson calendar and all the anniversary festivities. I’m also excited for all the travel possibilities with a world tour. I told myself that I must go to nearby shows, and the travel bug is telling me to also go to new cities. New city adventures and Hanson concerts: Some non-fans may call it crazy, but I call it multi-tasking.

Nothing like hearing new songs live for the first time. I feel like we lucked out hearing not one, not five, but nine of them.

A couple highlights for me: “Siren Call” surpassed all expectations. The lyrics, melody, sound, Isaac playing something other than guitar and piano in concert – I could relive that concert moment and play the EP recording over and over again. Hanson can lure me with their angel voices any time.

The song currently titled “Do You Believe In Love” off the upcoming Play EP was everything to me! EVERYTHING! I’ve been a Zac girl since I was 13, but I’m in music heaven when he hits those high notes. When they mentioned being inspired by “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” and wanted to do a faster paced, higher pitched song, I got first-Hanson-concert giddy. And shortly into the song, my sister and I turned to each other in unison,  and I said, “This sounds like Queen!!!!!” And my sister immediately said, “That’s what I was going to say!” It was a moment.

The only aspect of the concert that I didn’t care for was the audience vocals for the Play EP being recorded in the middle of the concert. Stopping to learn lyrics and singing them multiple times semi-killed the carefree concert vibe. I think it should have been at the beginning of the concert so that the rest of the show could be enjoyed with no break in momentum.

I Heart Hanson Store:
Every year, there’s items I love and those I don’t, and this year is no different. However, I feel like Hanson bumped it up a notch in the variety. Many shirts: loved. More than one type of sunglasses: loved. Bracelets: loved. Leggings: loved. Bag:
loved. Eiffel Tower themed merch: semi-odd but it’s PARIS so… loved. I wouldn’t buy their rain coat, but again, I appreciate the variety. How about adding that umbrella we keep suggesting!

Outside the Hanson Day gallery. Only in Tulsa will I rock an Eiffle tower shirt with a rancher hat.
I really enjoyed the switch up of adding mixed media instead of canvas alone. My favorite was definitely “Searching for Signs of Life” painted on a keyboard. I saw that they had screen prints on canvas of one of the paintings for purchase. I thought this was a win, win idea – more fans can have access to Hanson art and at a more affordable price point. I also personally thought this year’s photographs were more frame worthy than last year. I purchased the demo cassette print, and I think it will make a nice addition to my in-progress gallery wall.

What Hanson events did you love? And not so much? At least we’re in good company!

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  1. Kim Gilliland says:

    WOW – great minds think alike! I totally loved this blog post! I found myself reading through saying “agree”, “agree”. lol

    Remind me again what the Cassette tape Demo print looks like – can’t remember! I also loved the variety of the gallery – it was my first trip (as you know) and i thought the gallery was great as well!

    I desperately want to hear “Do You Believe in Love’ again – i am sure someone has a video of it they can show me 🙂

    Thanks for the blog post! Cheers!


    1. Thank you! I’m glad we finally got to meet in Tulsa, and hope you enjoy the clip that I sent to you. Countdown to the Play EP is in full effect!


  2. I believe in a thing called looovvveee~ oooooohhh oooooohh ooooh~ GUITAR!

    Couldn’t resist 😉

    I’ll stop now before I start bohemian rhapsody…

    Nice article btw!

    Your pal,


    1. It’s difficult not to… because it’s so good. Bohemian Rhapsody, another good choice!
      Even though it will not be on a regular, highly promoted LP, “Do You Believe In Love” has the workings of a very catchy hit that falls in those lines.
      Thank you for checking out the blog!

      Liked by 1 person

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