The moment I decided to turn “I always wanted to do that” into “I’m doing it!”

In early 2014, over six months had passed since my breakup, and I just got over the major hurdle of the date that was to be my wedding celebration. I survived the worst of it and was ready to plan a trip that would bring me ultimate happiness and help start me on a clean slate.

One of the things that got me most down about my breakup was that I felt that I had wasted so much of the last 11 years of my life with false hopes and no momentum. I felt like I let my 20-something self down, and I wasn’t going to do that to my 30s.

Combining both of these together (since sometimes I like to multi-task), I thought of one of my ultimate life goals that has spanned across my teens and 20s – Seeing my favorite band in their hometown for their annual fan weekend. It’s decided. Hanson Day, it is!

Yep, the band is still alive and thriving, and they invite their fans to Tulsa every May for special events, photos with the band, and concerts. Fans travel across states and even oceans to attend, so it’s legit.

Some people feel the need to jump into a new relationship to revalidate themselves. I needed to work on myself and get my life back on track to what I wanted it to be. I was a free woman and one who recently had no car expenses and just happened to get their tax return. This all feels so liberating! I looked up travel expenses, did some calculations, and it definitely could be done.

With less than three months until the next Hanson Day, the ball got rolling in a text conversation with my sister that started somewhat like this, “Hey! I’ve been really thinking about going to Hanson Day and I just want to do it. I know it’s last minute but would you maybe want to come with me? I’ll figure out the logistics.” I thought she’d think I was crazy, maybe humor me a little, but would ultimately decline. I told myself that I was going either way. Company was definitely better than none, but I prepared myself for the possibility of traveling solo. Then she responded back, “Yes.” And that my friends is how our annual sisters’ bonding trip to Tulsa, OK for Hanson Day was born.

After that, I realized that we had to plan everything in a couple months which was stressful since I’m an over planner and didn’t want to mess anything up. I had to renew my fan club membership that had been decommissioned for years (evident by my high school-esque username), get my sister a membership, book flights and hotel, RSVP, and purchase ticket add-ons.

For the first time in a long time, I was excited and had something magical to look forward to again. I was giddy. I’ll save all the trip details for another post, but I came home from Tulsa rejuvenated. I had a positive outlook on life. I caught the travel bug so hard and didn’t want to get over it. It changed my life.


If you went thought a major life change, where would you want to travel and why?

For Hanson Day travelers:
If you’ve made the trek to Tulsa before, what are some of your memories from planning your first trip?
For those who are traveling for the first time in 2016, what tips or events would you like to hear about to help with your planning?


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  1. Holly says:

    My first trip to Tulsa for Hanson Day was for the Middle of Nowhere Acoustic recording in 2007. Hanson didn’t even announce it until maybe a month before the event, if that. I had never seen them live before and I remember begging my parents to send me for my birthday. They caved and I made all of the flight and hotel plans about 2-3 weeks before the event. I can’t even imagine trying to plan it all so last minute now! It has really grown into something to be excited about and I totally get why it has become an annual thing to do with your sister.

    P.S. I look forward to seeing your future blog posts!


    1. Thank you, Holly! I’ve read your blog on multiple occasions and it’s become a favorite.
      I couldn’t even imagine planning on that short of notice, not to say I wouldn’t though. Ha! Any idea how many fans attended the 2007 festivities?

      This trip has turned into so much more than Hanson, and I look forward to all of it.


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